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Thread: We Need A Good CYOW (Ottawa) for FS2004

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    Default We Need A Good CYOW (Ottawa) for FS2004


    Can someone out there make a good CYOW scenery for FS2004. I have over 1000 sceneries and have been
    using FS2004 for although I have FSX. In all my days, it seems CYOW has always been neglected. Can anyone step up
    and help here? Or at least give me a hint of anything worth looking at. Steve Korin (

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    There used to be a better-than-nothing CYOW that the creator occasionally updated. It wasn't up to today's standards of expectation, but at the time it was good enough so that nobody else took CYOW on. Including me when I was living there full time. Now, well it is probably too late......

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