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Thread: fsx steam edition aircraft ghosting

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    hello can anyone help me with this little problem most of the airoplanes show up fine on steam but some ghost or show no graphics just a skeleton how do i resolve this tries re setting to defaults and altering graphics card but to na avail i have nividea geforce ctx 670

    many thanks

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    DX10 preview checked in your FSX/Settings/Customize/Graphics? Uncheck it and try.
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    ok ill give it a try


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    I have done as suggested hey presto its worked something as simple as that

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    If you wish to actually utilize the DX10 feature, you need to purchase a low cost app made by "SteveFX". Just Google it. DX10 allows you to adjust several different areas involving FSX graphics, and somewhat enhances the FSX experience... Oh, and the ghosting goes away.
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    i took your advice and waw what a transformation the system was sijmple to load and the diagnostic tool is fantastic

    thank you

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