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Thread: Something interesting related to FS98 and 8.1-10 compatibility

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    Exclamation Something interesting related to FS98 and 8.1-10 compatibility

    Good evening all.

    While experimenting with getting FS98 to work under Win10, I discovered that 2D panels is the reason for the program crashing upon bootup. When a dummy panel folder is made (with no files), FS98 boots up normally. Virtual Cockpits work without crashing the sim, along with all other views. Smooth Transition view and switching views quickly still affects the crash rate under Win10/8.1, like FSFW95.

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    I never got FS98 to start in Windows 10.
    And I don't know the meaning of bootup.
    When does your fs98 crash?. After you select an aircraft or just at the beginning.

    In case it's like mine, did you get rid of all the aircraft panels to get it going?

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    Bootup: When FS98 is launched.
    FS98 will crash at the beginning if the default flight's aircraft has panels. If you remove them and then switch to an aircraft with panels, the sim will still crash to desktop. This is why you couldn't get FS98 to start in Windows 10. It also crashes in 8.1
    I did have to remove all the aircraft panels to get it working but unless you have lots of experience with flying without any instruments, the sim is unplayable. Here's to holding out for the 2004 Win10 update to unintentionally fix this issue.

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    ok. many thanks.
    Very clear, except the last sentence.
    What's the 2004 Win10 update?

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    Googling 'Win10 current version' produced this:

    "The latest version of Windows 10 is the May 2020 Update, version “2004,” which was released on May 27, 2020. Microsoft releases new major updates every six months.7 days ago"

    I thought 2004 was well before Win10 launched...


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