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Thread: Approach speed control

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    Quote Originally Posted by hjwalter View Post
    The VFR approach altitude is an almost flat 500 ft AGL already from a long distance in my efforts to reduce the plane's speed before touchdown.
    The speed is then between 70 and 80 knots, nose high.
    The distance from the runway touchdown point can be as much as 6Nm.
    Power setting: Idle.
    Configurations: Full flaps and gear down.

    I've initially made a change in the plane's aircraft.cfg file (flap drag entry from 1.0 ----> 2.6). The "Spoilers Available= FALSE ----> TRUE" edit in it's AIR file, seems to help as well.
    Although 80 is a bit slow, it shouldn't descend in a nose high attitude. Just tried a payware Mooney with a very good FDE and at 80kts the nose should be still be a few degrees below the horizon with the ROD close to 1000ft/min. At 100kts the ROD increases to 1500ft/min

    That's without spoilers. (At 80kts spoiler shouldn't have any noticeable effect anyway)

    As mentioned by others, are you sure that power is at idle and the prop control full forward?
    What's the RPM and MP at idle?

    With the greatly increased flap drag she should drop like a stone. Not sure if you don't have altered anything else unintentionally.
    Since the spoilers should not have any significant effect at such low speeds I strongly suggest to use the original aircraft.cfg for further tests.

    Concerning the idle problem; suggest to try the default 172 for comparison.

    @napamule2 the Mooney is practically a Cessna but with 2 engines???
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    C172: GWt: 2550.......................Mooney: 3662
    " 4 Pass/400 Lbs..................." 4 Pass/700 Lbs
    " HP: 180............................." HP: 270
    " Spd: 115 (163).................." Spd: 180 (195)
    " Flaps: 4 Pos........................" Flaps: 3 Pos
    0, 12, 25,38...............................0, 8, 33

    The HP of engine(s) is the significant difference. But, like most 'default' aircraft in Sim, the cfg and air values (ie: missing or incorrectly set by MS) makes a difference in Sim, compared to the performance of the specific aircraft in 'real' life.
    Chuck B
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    Quote Originally Posted by hjwalter View Post
    I've initially made a change in the plane's aircraft.cfg file (flap drag entry from 1.0 ----> 2.6).
    If this didn't have any effect, can you confirm that the flaps are actually extending? The nose high attitude during the approach and the too little drag are an indication that they are still retracted.

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    pzl 104

    Yes, the flaps are fully extended, both visibly and according to the panel gauge. Not only that but the gear is down and the engine RPM is at idle according to it's gauge and audible sound.

    There's now quite obviously something very wrong with my default Mooney Bravo, so in the meantime I've downloaded a few complete third party versions from the library here and will test those to see if they have the same problem, something which I don't really expect.

    I have some other flyables with the same problem but not half as bad as that of my default Mooney.

    Anyway Guys, thanks for all your reactions and if I find out what caused my problem, I will certainly report back in this thread.


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    After a heck of a lot of further testing and trying I finally admitted defeat and downloaded what seemed to be a Mooney Bravo repaint, which also included it's model, aircraft.cfg and AIR files. A lot of cutting and pasting followed, especially in the aircraft.cfg file and eventually I was able to fly a "normal" Mooney Bravo again, including making "normal" approaches in it.

    The only thing I can afterwards think of, of what was wrong with my problematic Mooney, is/was a corrupted AIR file. How, why and when this could have happened I have no idea but I will now try to use the same procedure for the other aircraft, which have more or less, the same approach speed problems.



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    I did get the very high nose up attitude as well when I tried with the Mooney.
    Getting it down and slow from altitude wasn't a problem but around 80 knots the nose did come up very high and it was impossible to see the runway on final.

    If you think that a file could be corrupted then you can find the originals on CD1 in
    I compared checksums for the installed files and the files on the CD and they were identical.

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    pls tell me the ZIP file name.

    I will fix it for you.


    G. Kirschstein

    email [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    Interesting that you mentioned the default Mooney. In my Sim, the default Mooney has spoilers.
    Upon first reading, I said "huh?" Spoilers on a Mooney? I wondered what Charlie might be smoking these days? After looking at my default Mooney, sure enough they have Speed brakes which at first I thought might be a little hokey with whoever did the default design work on the Mooney Bravo. I did a Google search on Mooney Bravo speed brake and sure enough they do have them in RW aircraft. Here is a video I found on it:

    Sorry, Charlie, I truly thought you finally "lost it!"

    Learn something every day!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Downwind66 View Post

    Sorry, Charlie, I truly thought you finally "lost it!"

    Learn something every day!

    Only things lost, so far, are hair follicles!
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    Hey there Mr. Zippy,

    Where there's intelligence, hair cannot grow !!


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