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Thread: Why can't piston engines reverse thrust?

  1. Default Why can't piston engines reverse thrust?

    I read the turboprops can reverse thrust, but not piston engines.

    Since some piston propcraft can adjust prop pitch, why can't they reverse like turboprops? What am I missing here?

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    You seem to be missing a lot! My DC-7 and C-97/Stratocruiser have reverse thrust. I can actually taxi backwards using reverse thrust from the props.
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    As Zippy says, some piston aircraft can do so. He lists a couple. Many (most) piston airliners (in real life) have reverse thrust. However, that doesn't automatically make it available in the sim. Best I can tell, it takes a special work-around by aircraft designers to get the reverse thrust on piston engine aircraft, while the sim itself makes it simple for a turboprop.

    However, IRL the mechanism allowing reverse thrust is expensive and adds complexity (as well as weight) so its use has been limited in smaller aircraft. But there has recently been an STC* to add reverse thrust to certain Cessna singles equipped with certain props, see this AOPA article, probably for sea plane use.

    * STC -- Supplemental Type Certificate
    A Type Certificate is the paperwork/authorization from the FAA that an aircraft has been FAA approved for normal production in standard (non-experimental) categories. An STC is issued when an aircraft modification has gone through a lot of expensive, elaborate testing and is shown to have no adverse effects on an aircraft. An STC'ed product is generally sold by the developer, but in any case must be applied to individual aircraft on a one-at-a-time basis, that is, there is no blanket approval. Each installation must follow rigid installation procedures and the associated paperwork must be properly done.

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    Thanks for the excellent answers!

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