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Thread: FSX won't reinstall after solving problems with Windows 10 and deleted installed FSX

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    Default FSX won't reinstall after solving problems with Windows 10 and deleted installed FSX

    When I have solved problems with Windows 10, I reinstalled Windows 10 again and also the FSX-files on my computer. Now I tried to reinstall FSX but the program refuses to install FSX again. I only can delete the old FSX-files or repair the old FSX-files. But there are no FSX-files left on my computer!! What is the solution?

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    Did you uninstall FSX by using the Add/Remove programs in your computer's Control Panel?
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    And, if this was FSX Acceleration, did you then uninstall Acceleration only first, like Mr. Zippy said, then reboot and now uninstall FSX proper?


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    Are you using the disc version? I know from experience that with W10 it can sit there doing seemingly nothing for over 15 minutes or more and then gets under way quite slowly. Subsequent discs install no problem as does the Acceleration disc. Another reason I waited for a Steam sale and got that version.

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    A common problem with fsX, I solved it about a year ago and requested my fix it thread be stuck at the top of the forum.. nobody must have cared so here is the fix it thread

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