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Thread: No more active camera

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    Default No more active camera

    Gang, did I see somewhere that active camera is no longer avail/supported for FS9. I can't find it on simmarket anymore and may have read somewhere it isn't avail anymore. How disappointing. My whole love affair with FS9 is the ability to go "sit" anywhere I want in the plane, next to the engine, behind the wings etc. Can't do that without active camera. And I know the other add-on "walk around" or whatever it's called is an option but that picks up the sound from outside the plane. It's simply not as good an experience. I still have active camera loaded. I'm just afraid some day if I need to reload FS9 or I want to buy a new computer that I'll lose the ability to roam the cabin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornetAircraft View Post
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    I am sure I am not alone in wondering what the solution is here? Do share.


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    hope I don't get banned for this but here goes.
    As we all know Active Camera's purchase site was through which went down a few years back. I believe simmarket picked up the sales and had it on their website for a while. however it is no longer for sale anywhere and has essentially disappeared off the face of the internet. I was never able to buy it since I got FS2004 only two or three years back, and didn't know AC even existed. (stock simmer) after finding out about it I tried to find it to purchase but never could. I concluded that it was gone forever and life went on. I came across a crack for active camera but it was for version 2.0 and FS9.0, but after I purchased the ifly 737 and updated my sim to FS9.1 the crack no longer worked. again I was without AC. Then about a month ago I was surfing youtube and stumbled across a youtube video with only a couple hundred views. the person I am I read the description and find a google drive link to the activecamera.dll for FS9.1!!! I downloaded it and installed AC 2.1 into the sim. to my complete shock, upon copying the crack over to the modules folder, I had a fully working Active Camera. as far as I know it is the only remaining good copy of Active camera 2.1 left on the internet so I have it saved to multiple spots on both my drive and my PC so I'll never lose it.

    with the backstory out of the way, I made a youtube video which I think i'll remake for better clarity, but I have all the needed links including the crack in the video description. I don't know if it would be considered piracy or not, but I cannot legally buy it anymore because it no longer exists. so I use it.

    youtube link:

    If it doesn't work or if you have trouble, I'll help as best as I can.

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    Many thanks for the info, I'll give it a try & let you know if all is good.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Interesting. I guess the question is, once you download it, that means you can reload anytime you need to? As in, if you ever have to re-install AC or you buy a new computer. I'm kinda let down by whoever created AC cause if they were going to walk away from it there should be a code that is permanent, meaning it always works, vs having to go back and get a new one from him. I know there were no promises, and I know those of us sticking with FS9 are finding less support and fewer add-ons. I get it. But still. Anyway, thx for the tip, I'll try it out.

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    The crack is the dll file so you will never have to type in a code. It will work with any new PC if you have to switch.

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    Never mind, not important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HornetAircraft View Post
    The crack is the dll file so you will never have to type in a code. It will work with any new PC if you have to switch.
    Similar problem here: had Active Camera running on my FS9.1
    When moving to a new computer the last time a few years ago, there was still someone who could send me a new registration - not so this time...

    I checked out the youtube-video, but failed to find a link to the .dll
    Then, where does the .dll go? I cannot find that in my "old" fs9-program file... (I am no more than a "basic computer-user"... Sorry)

    Thanks and greets

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    I'm not saying it's true here, but many times links can be found on YouTube by clicking the SHOW MORE link under the video poster's name (in the description).
    Tom Gibson

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