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Thread: FSX Won't run in Windows 10

  1. Default FSX Won't run in Windows 10

    I Have just purchased a new off the shelf gaming PC and can't get FSX to run in Windows 10 (Home Edition). My old PC was self built 10 years ago with an i7 chip (stock speed of 3.2 gigs, overclocked to up to 4 gigs); dual graphics cards and 12 gigs of ram. I was running Windows 7 Pro and did mostly airline flying with nearly all of the WOAI packages installed and edited so that all liveries properly displayed.

    My new system is an off-the-shelf Asus gaming desk top: i7 9700K processor, 16 gigs ram, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics card with 8 gigs of memory, 500 gig SSD for C drive, 1T HDD for D drive.

    FSX will install, but after you set up a flight and hit "fly now", the screen goes black and just sits there playing the FSX intro music for as long as you are willing to listen. I have the FSX Gold edition, and initially installed all three discs. After discs 1 and 2 installed, I registered using the product key, then continued with the installation of the Acceleration Expansion package - disc 3. The registration for the expansion failed and I got an error message each time I tried to load the software.

    Doing some research I found where people said the Acceleration package would not work in Windows 10, so I removed the software and reinstalled using just the Deluxe Edition (discs 1 and 2 only). I have removed and reinstalled the software several times, have changed the compatibility modes, and run as administrator. I no longer get any error messages, just the above result of listing to FSX music while watching a black screen.

    I installed FS9 and Combat FS2 by just copying the software from my old backup drive to my new D drive, and both worked first time. I tried this with FSX but I get the same result as when I install from the disc.

    Back in 2015 when Microsoft was first coming out with Windows 10, I tried the switch on my old computer. I was able then to get FSX to work in compatibility mode, but initially unable to get FS9 or CFS2 to work, because both programs required a disc to be installed to run, and Windows 10 did not recognize that. I went back to Windows 7, but later found the fix where you don't need the disc. So that's where I am. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really like to get FSX up and running.

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    Of course FSX will run under Windows 10, I have been doing that, with Acceleration, since Windows 10 came out. And you do not have to run in compatibility mode either.

    What you need to do is to install it OUTSIDE the reach of UAC, that means in C:\FSX or something like that, but absolutely not under C:\Program Files (x86) where it wants to install. Then you need to set it to run as Administrator. Turn UAC off also, if you are OK with that.

    There are tons of threads telling you the exact procedure for installing FSX and Acceleration - I know that because I have been writing my share of them.

    But, in your situation now, do this:

    1. Uninstall both FSX and Acceleration, through uninstall in Control Panel. Reboot. Check everything is gone.

    2. Install the DirectX Redistributables - a free download from Microsoft. Reboot.

    3. Run Windows Update, make sure the switch under "Advanced Options" called "Receive updates for other Microsoft products" is turned on. Run the update until there are no more updates to get.

    4. Install FSX, remember to change the path it installs to. At the end of the installation, fly around a minute or so in the ultralight, then end the flight. Now reboot.

    5. Now install Acceleration, at the end of that installation fly around again for a minute, end the flight. Reboot again.

    6. Now enjoy!


    PS: let us know how it goes. And, if anyone in the future tells you that FSX is not compatible with Windows 10, ask them if they also have a cheap Brooklyn Bridge for sale - because they are, without any respect, full of it.

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    Thanks. Am starting this now and will let you know how I come out.

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    just in case you have issues installing at a location of your choice, there's a check box at the beginning of the install procedure that says "advanced install" - or something like that - You need to check this to get the option to install elsewhere. Good luck.

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  5. Default Still won't run...

    OK. I installed the direct x redistributables, disabled UAC, installed all available windows updates with the switch under advanced options turned on, uninstalled fsx through control panel, checked to verify that it was completely removed, rebooted, reinstalled discs 1 and 2, at C: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, registered the product, rebooted, started fsx, updated the setting to a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 x 32, selected the default flight, chose fly now, and got the same result. fsx goes to the black screen and plays the fsx music.

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    FSX does run in Windows 10 there is enough videos on how to install and run FSX.
    Make sure you install FSX depended files seems like your missing them.

    Start from the bottom up remember FSX is 13 years old Windows 10 is missing the needed files.

    Install all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scaleboat View Post
    fsx goes to the black screen and plays the fsx music.
    Just a thought, have you tried pressing ALT+ENTER to go to windowed mode? If that works, then chances are you are looking at a simple video driver issue.

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    On reviewing my own post, I saw that I had omitted two very important things:

    After installing FSX DeLuxe (the 2 disks), flying around, shutting down and rebooting you need to activate FSX DeLuxe! Then reboot again.

    Similarly, after installing Acceleration, flying around, shutting down and rebooting, you need to activate Acceleration. Reboot again.

    Now you should be able to enjoy.

    Note that there are two different activation codes for DeLuxe and Acceleration.


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    I installed all of them from the bottom up. Only the oldest two had not been previously installed on my system. Still getting the same result. After hitting "fly now" I get to listen to music and watch a black screen. I hit the alt + enter as well. Nothing happens.... I also had already registered the Deluxe version and rebooted as suggested above. No change.

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    It might be useful to post a screenshot of your install file tree? Im guessing this is something really simple that has been missed. FSX Deluxe has run on win10 for me from day one its on my M drive as M:/Microsoft FSX. Your rigs more than adequate so this all points to user error.

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