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Thread: Having issues with camera views

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    Default Having issues with camera views

    When I hop on to the flight sim when I look around using the space bar and the mouse. After that, I just let go of the space bar. But when it started getting annoying is if I reset the view forward, and turn on the mouse yoke, it goes to the point where I let go of the space bar. I just reset the cam back to where it was. But at last, the camera view kept flicking back to the last time I let go of the space bar for the view. I kept resetting the view back, but it kept flicking when I turn on mouse yoke. Can someone help me out here? I'm just frustrated and please help.

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    I guess the developers never anticipated anyone trying to use mouse-look and mouse-yoke at the same time - that's what you're effectively doing. It kinda seems like the game has to remember two mouse cursor positions - one for the view position and one for the Yoke position(s). But there's only one mouse location. It'll be used for yoke UNLESS you press spacebar, then it'll be used for the view direction - at least that's the way it's working in my sim. You have to mouse-look back to center BEFORE you switch to the mouse-yoke function. If you want an uncentered view while mouse-yoking, you can move a normal view there or create a new custom camera (which is probably the way I'd go, so it'd always be available). I can see a use for it if I needed a/some views out the left window while flying patterns, but we do have those runway views that do exactly the same thing but additionally keep the runway end exactly in the center of your view. What makes it confusing is the 'reset' doesn't move the memorized cursor position so everything using the cursor goes back to it....

    hope that helps
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    Maybe an easy and less confusing solution is to invest in an inexpensive joystick. I have the Logitech 3D pro. Think I paid around $49 for it.
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