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    Just a quick question. I was wondering what people are using for 3rd party scenery mesh. I need something that will work with Orbx Vector and sceneries (Orbx Northern Rockies, etc) to correct some plateaus and trench issues at some 3rd party airports. I have found PILOT'S FS Global 2018 FTX scenery mesh on the internet. Is anyone using it or are there better alternatives?

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    Check out Toposim as well. They have a daily freebie you can download and try.

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    If you have FTX Global Vector, there is an included tool in FTX Central called the FTX Global Vector Configuration tool. If you open it, there is a tab called Airport Elevation Corrections. It allows you to make some changes to correct the problems you are seeing.

    I'm still running FTX Central 2, so if you've gone beyond that it may appear in a different form.

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    Thank you for your replies. I appreciate the input. I have already tried the FTX Global Vector Configuration tool and used the Airport Elevation Corrections but it did not help. I had read in the Orbx forum about this issue. It was suggested to use the Airport Elevation Corrections utility first. If that didn't fix the issue it was suggested to install a good 3rd party Mesh Scenery. I was just wondering what my choices would be and if anybody had any experience using them.

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    Hi , I use "free Mesh" and I am very happy (on avsim)
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    FreeMesh is available here:

    Works fine for me.


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    Toposim is exceptional and Justin responds quickly to questions,

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    Adding mesh will not correct the issue you described. In fact, it may worsen the effect as you add higher resolution mesh. The tool that orbx provides was for the exact issue you describe so I surprised it is not working for you. Could it be the sceneries are not in the correct priority.

    Not trying to steer you away from mesh as it adds a lot to ground definition and recommend it on its own values. I just don't think it will solve your issue.

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    Thank you for all your replies. I appreciate it very much. I am curious about what the "correct priority" is for all the Orbx scenery, 3rd party payware airports and city sceneries and freeware scenery. That has very curious. Does anyone know what the priorities should be.

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    By that I was talking about the feature where orbx allows you place certain 3rd-party (or I guess their airports/sceneries as well), to correct certain conflicts. I believe they explain it in their Orbx Central app or perhaps documentation. Of course they have a forum with plenty of experts over there that may be able to address your issue.

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