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Thread: #2 Engine RPM lower than other engines

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    Default #2 Engine RPM lower than other engines

    I have noticed an issue I've not been able to solve. It only involves the #2 engine of Piglet's C-133 not tracking the rpm, and power of the other three engines. This occurs through the range from idle to full throttle. I am using FSX-A boxed and Logitech Extreme 3D pro with single throttle control. Not only does the engine gauges reflect this situation, but the #2 prop animation is slower than the other three as well. This phenomenon occurs either with throttle control on joystick or using keyboard. Reloading aircraft, using different *.air, and ac.config files do not change the situation. I'm using FSUIPC 4.959 unregistered and doesn't affect any other "simobject: aircraft or boat or helicopter". Would anyone have any ideas? I appreciate any and all suggestions.... Thank you in advance.............Terry
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    Are you using the updated version of Piglet's C-133 by Michael Pook? All engines seemed to be in unison.
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    Mr. Z, I downloaded M. Pook's update. I'm using the version with the Royal Canadian AF. I may have to go back to my original download and start over. I'll give that a try... but I did try his *.air file and confg with no joy.

    I just loaded up MP's plane and you're right... the engines are in sync. Not sure what it is. I didn't leave that one in the hangar as it seems to have weak reverse thrust.. takes forever to slow down on the runway, I'll keep at it..Thank you for the tip.. It has a nice nostalgic panel...
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    First, these is a command for "engine rpm full". <control + shift + F4> I think. (though it may be a command you need to assign yourself.)

    second, engine rpm will when an engine starter is switched off will be differen from rpm with the starter of that engine switched off. So if you have one starter switched off that engine will show lower rpm.

    Third, these settings are saved in "saved flights". So if rpm difference is in a flight that you saved "as startup flight", the problem will show in every flight you do.
    To prevent these situations always use the default flight as startup flight and not one that you saved yourself.

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    il88pp, IRT starters, The engines were already running when the flights started. This being a turboprop, I didn't see what the state of the starter would have on either idle rpm or full throttle. So I investigated your third idea of the saved flight. My default flt. was starting with another ac and I loaded up the C-133. To check your idea, I loaded a different saved flt, changed the ac to the C-133, an Wah Lah.. the #2 engine corresponded with the others. I repeated the scenario with my default flt, and when the C-133 came up, all engines were in sync. I don't know why, but it works and I thank you for pointing me in that direction. I would have never thought to change the flt. Now even the original default flt. is working correctly..Thank you for teaching this old geezer a new trick...

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    My pleasure.
    In many aircraft you can't see from switches if a starter (eng1 or eng2) is on or not. Maybe because the command in the keyboard assignment list is "starter (on/off)" and switches the starter on when pressed, and off when pressed again. (I assigned the command to <contr + shift + 1> (and to 2,3,4 for the other engines).

    One way to make sure if the starter is off or on, is to shut down the engine by closing the fuel valve for that engine.
    Fuel closed and starter off will give rpm (or N2) of zero.

    With fuel closed while starter is on the rpm (N2) will be slightly above zero. Like 4%N2 for example.


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    il, it works fine now thanks to your prodding..I appreciate

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