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Thread: VR should be front and centre

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytv1 View Post
    For Real World pilots the sim is used as a tool. In order to have a useful tool you must have sufficient throughput in the available hardware to present / simulate flight as clearly and as fluid as possible.
    If you cannot have a display that is readable, and updates of the instruments, and views, as possible you do not have a simulator.

    The present sims have sufficient controller assignments that allow you to switch views, look around, as long as you can get a good, basic, starting view location.
    VR, smoke / particles, reflections, head bobbing, eye blinking.. is no benefit to real RW pilots that want to use this as a tool.
    It is a good idea to have the VR hooks needed for some future development but not something that would take away from what is important and what the systems are able to handle presently.
    Well said! A sim has to correctly simulate RW actions to be a successful tool. Otherwise it has no value.

    IMHO VR as it's presently used is nothing but a game. Maybe a decade or so out, VR might evolve into a sim tool as well.

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    It must be better using it then what I see because videos of people using it looks horrible and unrealistic.
    Seems way too many movements for my liking.

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    I, too, don't see how VR fits into flight simming with real hardware. I have a fairly sophisticated 767 based rig with MCP, CDU, full throttle quad, and lots of switches and buttons I need to get to, and don't see how VR would add anything. In fact, given the hand-hardware integration needed to manage a complex airliner, having my eyes covered makes no sense -- I need to see the internal environment of my airliner, interacting with the flight controls and instruments. A large display that only has to show me the external world in brilliant 4K HDR video is all I need. A VR would not be better than that and would blind me from my real world hardware. There are more worthwhile applications for VR.

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    Thumbs down from me. I have one reasonable eye and one lazy eye so VR probably not going to work for me. Not to mention my wife already moans how hard it is to get my attention on the PC generally, let alone with a VR headset strapped on.

    As a future possibility for those who want it, great, but it shouldn't be a driving factor.

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    VR has been a future possibility since the early 1990's, according to Wikipedia:
    "The 1990s saw the first widespread commercial releases of consumer headsets. In 1992, for instance, Computer Gaming World predicted "affordable VR by 1994"."
    VR is STILL searching for a mass market, and yet it STILL won't go away - it's like a fart in a spacesuit - and that's not because it's 'before it's time'. Other "next big thing" technologies have been and gone since the 1990's such as CD's, DVD's and 3D TV, and it's high time that VR got the message - we STILL don't want it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger1962 View Post
    it's like a fart in a spacesuit
    That is a quality description. Worthy of the time spent reading it. lol
    Mark Daniels

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