Thank you for visiting my forum post, firstly!

I am calling all aviation enthusiasts, specifically those who are actively engaged in flight simulation, whether you have participated in a Virtual Airline, or not, this forum post is for you.

I am not recruiting you to join my Virtual Airline so don't worry. What I am recruiting you for; however, is to serve on the Board of Governors for a new Virtual Carrier that I am developing. This is not a Virtual Airline, instead, it is going to be a Virtual Carrier that simulates the operations of a Part 135 (non-scheduled) air carrier, such as a charter or air taxi company.

My current goal is to develop a Virtual Carrier that allows pilots to fly to any recognized airport, in the world, using any aircraft (old or new) without posing unrealistic, unnecessary rules and regulations. The goal of our hobby is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, connecting with other enthusiasts along the way, and that is at the forefront of what I want this Virtual Carrier to be.

This Virtual Carrier would be governed by a Board of Governors, which I am working on establishing, which is to include individuals who are both versed in virtual airlines, virtual carriers, fight simulation as well as those individuals who are new to the hobby. I am seeking a well-rounded bunch.

Once the Board of Governors is established, the next goals would be to develop the foundation of the Virtual Carrier, Technology Considerations, and the building of the actual system with the final goal being a successful launch that is well-received by the virtual community.

I recognize that there are many, many virtual airlines in the world along with virtual charter companies; however, with the right Board of Governing team, I believe that we can rise above the rest and really stand out.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Governors, please shoot me an email with your information along with your experience in the Virtual Airline, Virtual Carrier, and flight simulation hobby.

I can be reached at [email protected]. Those who are not interested in helping us succeed need not email me, only positive vibes with this Virtual Carrier, please!

My goal is to have our Board of Governors established by December 7th, at which point we will hold our first BoG meeting.