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Thread: Article: On An Older System - Series Introduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by vflight2 View Post
    Good to meet another clansman. I wanted to say many thanks for the help you have brought me (old system 80.6); I sorely needed the altitude adjustment and my Windows 7 computer system running older than old Pentium 3 chips is still my standby at least for another year or two. I look forward to future articles on this subject, thanks again and Hail: Bruce Artwick!
    D. Carr
    Aha... A Carr, yes indeed, the same roots! And this reply may be "Sero sed Sereo" (Our clan motto.. "Late but in earnest"). Thank you for your comments, and I hope the articles will indeed inspire.


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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Hi Ken, I'm looking forward to your article series! I tend to keep my computers until they just don't run any longer. I started flight simming with my Commodore 64, C128, and then moved to a 486 PC when FS5 came out. What an improvement! I'm currently running FSX and recently started to upgrade its graphics using the Orbx scenery. My machine is a laptop with an i5 with a Nvidia graphics card, though the video card has less than a gig memory on it. When I buy a new machine, my budget stays at about $800. Nice thing about technology is that when something newer comes out, the surpassed technology tends to drop into the $800 price range. My current set up runs FSX pretty good so I'm hanging in there with it. My current system is 6 years old now. I remember your VIP panels. I believe I even bought some. I've been on as a member since my FS5 days. Best Regards --Brian
    Hello Brian,

    Thanks for the comments, and the former use of my VIP stuff! I do believe this series is going to be well-received, we are maybe part of a bigger "club" (using older systems) than we appreciated at first!

    - Kenneth

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    Very good thoughts Ken. I’m about 5 years in on flight sims (X-Plane for the most part) and have tried to keep up with the hardware. But of course the cost if that can get tough. Patience and enjoy what you have now goes a long way. I’ve found lots of little free, or close, software for Androids and IPhones (keep your old ones) that can be added in without draining the sim computer.
    Look forward to your future articles.
    Richard. Vancouver Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gippslandblanik1 View Post
    Hi Peter, I have a FS9 disk set in good condition that I no longer use and would be happy to give it to you. My wife and I are on an extended camping trip in our travel trailer and won't be back home till February 2020 and I can send it to you then. Email me your address at [email protected] Best wishes, Max
    Hello Max , thanks so much for your reaction to my post of nov 25th. Wish you and the 'co-pilote'
    all the best on your camping trip. I live in the Netherlands , 2 kms from EHAM . My issue with the original FS9 disk4 is that it will not complete the installation by itself but I have to push it a bit futher
    after 86%. The installation stops and after waiting about 5 mins a small screen appears with choices
    abort , cancel and skip. The first 2 choices cancel the installation but when I press skip the process
    waits for another taunting 5 mins but then suddenly continues and completes with decompress.
    Thanks for your kind offer to send me (a copy) of your disk set. No hurry here, enjoy your holiday
    first . I take up on your offer to email my address to yr pr.mail. Again no hurry, in any case
    we would have to find a way first for me to pay you the postage charges involved.
    Kind regards sofar and best wishes from Holland , Peter Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JF_Seneca_FS9.JPG 
Views:	19 
Size:	414.3 KB 
ID:	213779

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennethKerr View Post
    Greetings back to you from my nearest ICAO.... CJQ3 Look it up, it's a long way from you, and a whole other world from the Austrian countryside. In fact, sometimes my download speeds are so slow out here that I feel I'm back on dial up! My next article is in the works. Maybe I'll even fly out of Graz for part of it? (If I have a half-decent scenery of course).

    Hi Kenneth,
    so you´re not that far away from my relatives who live in Earl Grey and Regina. I´ve been there twice for a visit back in the 80s of the last millenium . Saskatchewan sure is different, as you can see from horizon to horizon and no moutains disturbing the view.
    Graz definitely is worth a visit and you might make that popular weekend-run from LOWG via LOWK to LJPZ, where you can enjoy the mediterranean sea.


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    May I introduce Elite XTS 9.0 flight sim? It is a highly realistic simulator with modest system requirement.

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    Kenneth, thanks for your article. Can you share the actual specs of your computer? With this I can get a better idea of what can I achieve in mine following your guidelines.

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    Hi Kenneth, so nice to hear from you, yes, I still have your CDs with an incredible collection of aircraft, volumes 1&2 as well as the classic wings and I cherish them, not because I'm still flying them, but because of the memories involved.
    My flightsim passion really only started when I bought your CDs, I still remember looking at them as they were lying on the passenger seat as I drove home and couldn't believe the gold mine of add-on planes I just found. Once home, I was like a kid in a toy store, spending hours deciding which liveries to load on my computer, which plane to fly first, of course they would all have to be test flown, and that took a while and was a very exciting mission.
    But not only that, it was actually you who got me going on a long flight-sim modelling career first with your company, then with "Flight Sim Models", a friendly "lad 'n dad" company that specialized on ultralights until I landed a gig with Alphasim/Virtavia for whom I ended up working for a living for a while. So yes, dear Kenneth, you were a great inspiration to me, I had the great pleasure of spending time with you in person and I still remember with fondness the kind hospitality of you and Myriam and especially those long flightsim sessions we had. That's why I'm so happy to hear from you again after you moved away and I'm looking forward to your series of articles!

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