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Thread: Two airports melted together

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    Default Two airports melted together

    Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me but here it goes anyway. I have a very nice freeware Spokane International Airport KGEG in Spokane Washington. I like it and it looks very good. Unfortunately, after I installed the Orbx NA North Rockies Scenery another KGEG airport appears and blends into my nice freeware version like a weird version of "The Philadelphia Experiment" (look it up). One airports buildings are sticking out of the other airports buildings. Moving the freeware KGEG airport scenery priority level above everything else to the #1 spot does not fix this issue. I have included some pictures. The first picture is an overhead view of the nice freeware KGEG I want to use. The second picture is the blending of the two KGEG airports after installing the Orbx NA North Rockies Scenery. In the third picture, I deleted the freeware KGEG to see this other airport that appeared when the Orbx scenery was installed. It looks like the original stock KGEG airport in P3DV4. When I uninstall the Orbx scenery I can get my freeware airport back. My question is, does anyone know how to remove that annoying airport so I can use my freeware version? I have gone to the Orbx web sight and put this quesstion there but have not got an answer yet. Just thought someone here might know the answer.
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    Hi Kevin,

    Most likely you will have the same response from Orbx support, but the below info should get you the result. I would not delete or move any Orbx files but switch the conflicting files OFF should you ever need to revert to the NRM version.

    If you want to just see your Freeware KGEG - Spokane Int airport and not the one which came with Orbx FTX NRM, then you should firstly navigate to the folder location below, then temporarily place an .OFF file extension to the 3 files listed below (test the result). Doing this will maintain the file integrity should you wish to revert back to the Orbx NRM version.
    Keep in mind that FTX NRM - KGEG Spokane also has an elevation adjustment file in Scenery\World\Scenery depending on the result of switching off the first 3 files then testing the result in sim, I have included the filename/location of this elevation adjustment file. If you don't have elevation issues or elevation conflict using just the freeware KGEG - Spokane Intl then leave this file exactly as is. If you notice elevation conflict at KGEG just switch it OFF in the same manner as the first 3.


    ADE_FTX_NRM_KGEG_elevation_adjustment.BGL.OFF (but only if you have elevation issues)

    Cheers Jethro

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    Some ideas in this thread. About Orbx, but also about MyTraffic possibly causing this.

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