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Thread: Fsx deluxe edition wont install on windows 10

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    Default Fsx deluxe edition wont install on windows 10

    Im trying to install fsx deluxe edition on to my windows 10 PC, its the 2 disc version that i bought off eBay. 3 days later and i still cant figure a way to get it to install. Its installing disc 1 fully then disc 2 then all of a sudden gives me error 1722 followed by error 1603. My PC runs the demo and meets the minimum recommended requirements.

    There is clearly a way it works as ive seen it on YouTube and on various forums.

    Currently trying installing it to C:\ FSX folder i created but im stuck on it removing applications for 10 minutes then fails on me
    Any help appreciated hopefully i can get it running tonight!

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    Use what I explained in this thread at the end about kb928080 / resetsldl.exe
    That should clear the errors and allow to install again.

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