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Thread: Crater Lake in Oregon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
    Hey Jan,

    You really don't want to make one of your signature landings in that lake!! It's not only deep, it's also hugely cold!!!!
    Just to be sure I'm not misunderstood. The water is deep. The land around it is often cold.

    That much very deep geothermal temperature water could heat small cities if exploited. But as there was several feet of snow still on the ground in June, the land is what's cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flightsimg View Post
    Do you mean you imported Scottish ghosts and trolls in California? Don't understand much
    ??? Oregon, G'erard, not California. But when Jan is flying you don't need ghosts or trolls to cause a problem. He can and does cause them on his own!!

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    Hi Pat,

    Always good to hear friends are doing well!! Sorry to hear about Melita's!! Where do all the locals fly for their $100 hamburgers these days?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
    ??? Oregon, G'erard, not California
    Yep! You'll allow the poor French layman I'm in terms of US geography to consider California from San Diego to Seattle! Anyway fine flight!
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    Now you got my interest, Crater Lake here i come. Great pic.
    As a P-51 pilot said "She Climbs Like A Home Sick Angel"

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    It's a beautiful lake and surround. Except in winter, when the snow is so deep, they don't even try to plow the roads. Some roads they DO make tunnels under the snow for, so the Rangers can get to where they need to be, but other than that...

    The lake it's self IS geothermally heated, as are the sidewalks in downtown Klamath. Crater Lake IS an active volcano, after all. The name is a dead giveaway, after all. It's the crater left after the mountain blew it's top. The local tribes have some incredible stories in their oral histories of when that happened.
    Wizard Island, out in the middle of the lake, is the cinder cone left over from the eruption. We have a large number of hills around here that are other cinder cones from the volcano as well. Or the Three Sisters volcanoes. Or the Mt. McLaughlin volcano. Maybe even Mt. Shasta, which we can see from here on a relatively clear day. All active volcanoes. We just keep an eye on their snow pack to see if they looking to erupt. Nothing so far!
    Lots of cinder cones around here. The road crews use them to provide the cinders they use to provide traction on the roads in winter. Like salt, but not nearly as corrosive. Work pretty good, too
    Little hard on tires, but not too bad with decent off-roaders...

    As to the $100.00 hamburgers, they have to go all the way into Klamath, now. Sad situation, really...

    Have fun all! Enjoy the view. I do every day

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
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