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Thread: is it doable?

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    Default is it doable?

    My 7 year old laptop although in mint condition has two or three keyboard buttons including letter L that are no longer operable due to age (not due to any dirt). Is it doable to program and change from number 5 to letter L in numerical pad on right side of my laptop keyboard layout??? If so, how do I do that, please?



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    Try a Google search for reassigning laptop keys. Don't think you will be able to do what you want. You may have to resort to a auxiliary keyboard.
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    You can buy a replacement keyboard for the laptop on eBay. I have done this before and now my laptop has an upgraded light up keyboard. Though, not all models support that.

    Read the laptop disassembly manual on replacing the keyboard. It's not all that difficult. Just take your time.

    Absent of that, you're stuck using an external USB keyboard. You'd be better off rather than mapping keys.

    What model laptop do you have?
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    Also on YouTube if you type 'Replacing keys on a laptop' it brings up a few vidoes if you feel up to it, doesn't look hard.


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