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Thread: available memory

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    The only problem I've had in the past 10 yrs is when I added the switches and the sim ran smoothly.
    I think it was the unexpected disk check when I started up 2 hrs later that is at fault. I removed the entire aircraft but it wouldn't run.
    The aircraft & panel work in Vista and the new FS2004.......................

    I thought FS9 wouldn't work in 10 ?
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    It's a little cold outside right now.


    Quote Originally Posted by gypsymoth View Post
    I thought FS9 wouldn't work in 10 ?
    Many people run FS9 in Windows 10 just fine. See the pinned thread at the top of the forum on installing and configuring it.

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    I will, thanks.

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    I am running FS9 in W10, I can believe that the update did something, I found a way to stop the updates in W10 and it worked for a while but it seems MS have got round it and they upgrade anyway.

    I have noticed funny enough my FS9 runs fine then after about 30 mins or so it pauses all by itself, I just press the 'P' key and it runs again, I this is from an update as it never did it before and I haven't added anything new.

    MY FSX takes forever to load and that has now got this annoying 'Sim not responding' message popping up, I can leave it for a minute or two then it starts again, it never did that before.

    I hardly use my X-Plane11, that stutters like crazy now and that too never did before.

    The annoying thing with all this is not just me but lots and lots of us have spent many hours and money on addons and getting the sim/s to run as we like them only to be ruined by an update.


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    Checkdisk runs at boot after an incorrect Windows shutdown. Because an incorrect shutdown can damage the harddisk or the files on it, including Windows OS files.
    If you have disk damage or filesystem damage because of a bad shutdown there will be more affected the just the FS files.

    ( checkdisk after a bad shutdown has been part of Windows since Windows'98).
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    Thanks Col......I'll stick with W7.

    It shut down quite normally......I saw & heard nothing out of the ordinary.
    I ran crystaldiskinfo again this morning & got 100% health & A1.

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    @gypseymoth, I was on W7 and loved it, I had a HD crash and had to install W10 upgrade, another story but I personally am not keen on W10 I like W7 a lot better and I agree with you and stick with it.

    I still have my W7 disk but I can't use it anymore as I've used it too many times on other machines so I couldn't register it again and couldn't afford to buy it again, so my only option was the free upgrade.


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    W7 it is ! I make all my own WW2 British airfields (for my Golden Wings 3) & I know my way around 7.

    Cheers. Terry.

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    Ah, my FS2004 is in retro 60's mode, I used Golden Wings world scenery, it has made a big difference.


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    Good for you. This is RAF Ibsley my home airfield.

    Click image for larger version. 

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