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    Default available memory

    I have FS2004 (12.9 GB), in a W7 machine with 12.00GB RAM. I was edting a panel. All looked well & was working. I closed the machine down.
    2 hrs later it wouldn't start & gave a 'run out of available memory....disk cleanup, etc' message.

    I've not installed anything new - years ago a new scenery caused this problem - so I assumed I'd done something with the panel that FS9 didn't like. I removed the aircraft but that doesn't help. I've looked on-line for an answer but don't see it.

    I've put this panel in a FS9 (11.4 GB) in a Vista machine with 4.00GB RAM & it' fine.

    My ? is: Is there a way of finding out what the problem is/could/might be ?


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    These memory errors typically reference virtual memory - the swap file - not RAM; usually indicating your HD is low on free space or is badly fragmented. Also if you were doing graphics editing on a large file and the editor is set to save too many "undo" levels it can quickly consume the swap file.

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    The C HD is 3/4 empty & is solid state. FS9 has been as always been as smooth as silk.
    I was simply adding the switches ringed in red at bottom left to a 1.37mb BMP.

    What's the swap file ? I've not heard of it before..........

    One thing I should have mentioned is when I started the W7 machine it went into Check Drive. After the restart & started the sim & got the memory message..........could this be responsible ?

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    That's a typical message caused by something which isn't compatible with your FS9. It could have several reasons. Either aircraft, sceneries, traffic and so on. Best you deactivate step by step your last entries until your FS9 runs normally again. Then reactive all these files or folders step by step until you get the issue again. It's a hard work, i agree, but you won't waiste more time than searching somewhere where it's probably useless.


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    Yes, but all I've done is add light switches to a panel. I've added it to FS9 in my Vista machine & it's working perfectly there. I am becoming surer that the W7 disk check has done something to stop FS9 from loading. I'd added the switches & for 30 mins things were running smoothly.

    I have Golden Wings 3 in another drive (E) so I added the panel to an aircraft in that & it plays smoothly.

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    Run this program.

    See any HDD errors?

    Swap/page file is a portion on your HDD used by the OS to offload recently accessed data from RAM. It's used like RAM in a way for faster access to data that was recently used.
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    OOM errors? Read this.
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    Checkdisk runs at boot after an incorrect Windows shutdown. Because an incorrect shutdown can damage the harddisk or the files on it, including Windows OS files.
    If you have disk damage or filesystem damage because of a bad shutdown there will be more affected the just the FS files.

    ( checkdisk after a bad shutdown has been part of Windows since Windows'98).
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