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Thread: What is the shelf-life of a brand new power supply?

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    Default What is the shelf-life of a brand new power supply?

    I found a new UNOPENED sealed really good quality Corsair brand power supply in my basement.

    The problem is it doesn't work. After some checking, I found out that I bought it in 2015. So it's almost 4 years old.

    Do power supplies have a limited shelf life?

    Black Friday sales are coming up in the US and I'm wondering if it's worth buying a power supply for future use if the price is way down.

    Thank you

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    There is unlimited 'shelf life' for power supply that has never been used (new in box). Put it this way: it will outlive YOU (ha). But under normal use they usually are good for from 5 years to 8 years (the length of warranty points to how well it was made (quality parts, printed circuit board, type/quality of solder, etc) and thus the length of the warranty period (years)).

    How did you determine 'it doesn't work'? It does not indicate anything if just plugged in and power switch turn 'ON" as it will detect there is no load present (not plugged into PC components) so it just sits there. New electronics can do that you know. If you plug it into PC, run wires where they belong on MB, and it doesn't do anything then you can say 'it doesn't work'. OR you can give it me for scrap and I will pay the shipping charges (hehe).
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    Depending on the model of Corsair PSU it might still be under warranty. Some Corsair PSU's have a 7 year warranty. I would read up on the Corsair website on how to test the PSU. If it is indeed faulty you might be able to exchange it under warranty.

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