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Thread: Daylight savings time change hosed FS9 ?

  1. Default Daylight savings time change hosed FS9 ?

    Never had a problem with fs9 with this problem before. After the dst change on sat nite, I turned on computer sunday morning and started fs9. It started generating scenery index's and then the scenery cfg as it has always done when the time change. This time right after this fs9 did not do anything and I got the message your computer has run out of available memory and it exits right away. I have plenty of memory and hdd space. I had my last backup on Nov 2nd prior to time change and reinstalled the total backup of entire disk and restarted and fs9 worked fine. Changed the date to today Nov 4th and fs9 went through the entire process again and same result as before-your computer has run out of available memory.
    Anybody have a clue where to begin to debug this ? Also prior to doing the complete disc backup I tried restoring only the fs9 folder which was 69 gb. and same result with the memory.


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    I recall having issues also with the date change after daylight savings. Thus time no problem but now I think either my PSU or M/B have failed so I got greater issues to think about. Sorry, no help.

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    I am having the exact same issue as the OP. Nothing fixes it.

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    Might it be OS related? I'm using Win 7 and it started OK for me. I've seen people with Win 10 report similar out of memory issues.
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    I can run FSX with no problem. I have Win7-64 also. Hope somebody can help.

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    Sent you a PM
    Mark Daniels

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    If the PM doesn't fix it, try and reset your default flight.
    Mark Daniels

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    I also noticed my FS9 generated new scenery indexes upon startup and I thought it was a bit odd, but it started up with no problems. I can't think of why a time change would affect FS9 so that it wouldn't start.

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