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Thread: Greetings..

  1. Cool Greetings..

    Hello everyone and flight/sky/space lovers,
    I live in Western Europe and have my ppl and ifr license. Also use often the MSXse, for planning i use LittleNavMap in combination with Skyvector.
    I'm new on this forum and not found yet where to post this, so i hope it won't hurt.

    When i start my pc/laptop, or restart the Steam program (after it was closed by choosing 'exit'), there's a tool that always install itself without i checked the box "Steamworks common redistrutables". What is that tool for and why this happen actually?

    Thx in advance..

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    To be clear; I use the Little NavMap in combination with Skyvector and OpenNav to use in FSXse. For real flights i use only Skyvector and/or OpenNav to plan.

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