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Thread: FSUIPC & FSX Brakes

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    I have disabled the controllers from within FSX for control via FSUIPC.

    I have Saitek pedals, and in FSUIPC I have the left (Joy#1, Axis #X) and right (Joy#1, Axis #X) toe brakes set up through FSUIPC axis assignment. In the axis assignment page, "Send direct to FSUIPC calibration" is selected for both toe pedals. LeftBrake and RightBrake have been assigned respectively.

    When in FSX, if I apply the brakes, [BRAKES] shows up in the lower left corner of the window when applied. But when I release, the brakes message remains, and the brakes do not disengage.

    Can anyone advise how to resolve this issue? I have searched for solutions, but most refer to FSX calibration.

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    Disregard , I found the solution.
    I had to calibrate them on the joystick calibration page.
    Check "REV" on both and set slope to 15 (not sure what that does).

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