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Thread: Installing FS2004 into Windows 10 & Copying FS2004 from your OLD PC to your NEW PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher12 View Post
    That's good, as I know a little about what you run in FS9, if FS9 works leave Win XP off. Running as admin shouldn't really matter if you currently have it on or off. I'd recommend it off. You can check by right clicking the FS9.exe and selecting properties.

    Win 10 runs FS9 ok but I have found a few issues if you run enough different things in it.
    Yeah I dont have it checked as admin. And I can see how it will have some issues. Definitely not as user friendly as W7 is.

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    i just moved the entire folder from my old pc on to an external HD and run it from there

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    Default Re: zswobbie1's fix

    Quote Originally Posted by flightsimmer2020 View Post
    i just moved the entire folder from my old pc on to an external HD and run it from there

    Maybe ya'll all can help me out?
    Everything is for the most part copathethic after using zswoobie1's fix below-->

    I knew the registry entry/ lack thereof may be a problem with copy and pasting, old win 7 fs9 to C:\ on windows 10 machine.

    I've only only gotten 1 registry error(So Far, I'm only a day into new copy of fs9 from win7 to 10) it happened when I tried to install Ultimate water, an old purchase, fwiw the only pay ware I've ever used in 20 years.

    I think it may popup again sooner or later...

    When I use FS9Path_Utility I Get error (It appears registry entry is blank/ does not exist)-----> see attached pls...Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fs9 path.jpg 
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    I also use FSTscenery it works fine, does nothing for the registry though...

    All the forums say use FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool @,
    Every browser I've used ie, chrome, edge blocks the file as malicious, I've tried to get around it, but I can't...

    Can someone get me the file? If you can and it's safe, and repairs my registry I'll be grateful...

    I have no problem editing the registry if someone has a clear path to adding the entries.



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    Fwiw This is the Swobbie1 fix I referred to:

    Step 2. Copy & paste your complete Flight Simulator 9 folder from your portable drive into C:\

    Step 3. Open up the C:\Flight Simulator 9 folder, right-click the FS9.exe & 'Send to Desktop'.

    Step 4. Double-click the FS9 on the desktop to run the sim.

    Step 5. It might/probably will not work.

    Step 6. Right-click the desktop icon, select the Compatibility tab, Click Compatibility Mode & select Windows XP (Service Pack2) from the pull down menu, & tick 'Run this program as an administrator' Then Apply & OK.

    Step 7. Run the program again.... It will/should work!

    Step 8. Go to & download the Registry Repair Tool, & run it. This tells the Registry where FS2004 has been installed.

    Step 9. If the Scenery.cfg had not been copied over from the drive, you might have to add your scenery from the Scenery library.

    10. You probably have to reinstall all payware add-ons.

    Phew, 10 steps, but it's easier to do than to explain.

    I've found re-installing the sim from it's disks is actually a pain, & the above way works.

    You can have multiple installs just by renaming the sim folder & the exe file, after copying BUT before running.

    Hope this helps :-)


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    It still wanted to block d/l, whatever...I saved it, extracted it, ran it, froze me up for 10 seconds.

    It pointed to a directory/ documents where my saved flights are... Shouldn't it point to an *.exe file?

    I still need to know what file/folder to point it to.

    Thank you again


    Why don't I get email notifications when someone replies? TIA

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    Why don't I get email notifications when someone replies?

    No need to answer I knew why as soon as I posted it...

    TY all,

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    FS9Path_Utility Got it

    Thank you again


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    I guess?

    no values?

    input anyone?

    Sorry I'm wasting space...

    Thank you
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This AM I searched for(where is registry entry for Microsoft Flight Simulator X)and the kind Person above verified I was in the right place in the registry.

    Since I have FSX installed, I looked at it's values, I missed posting the screenshot of the 10 (FSX) entry in regedit, listed above the entry for 9(FS9) in screenshot, where it clearly showed:

    AppPath REG_SZ C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\

    In my case the path is:

    Key: \Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\9.0
    SubKey: AppPath

    I went to the 9 entry just above 10, and under the Flight Simulator entry and rt clicked in the right panel / new/ string value, named it AppPath.

    Then I opened file explorer, and opened C:\Flight Simulator 9, and rt clicked in tool bar/copy address.

    I went back to regedit 9(FS9) entry and rt clicked on AppPath/ edit and pasted C:\Flight Simulator 9

    I feel better knowing it's there now, and thanks to above website poster, they pretty much left a clear trail on how and where to create registry entries for all versions of fsx, and in my case fs9 on windows 10 by substituting 9 for 10, (if the tools mentioned below post don't finish the job)

    FS9Path_Utility can be found here on flightsim, and Registry Repair Tool @, that gave me so much crap.

    full disclosure: create a backup of registry before you change it...

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