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Thread: PMDG 747v3 Night Lighting Problem

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    Gday gentlemen,

    An issue with the Queen popped up recently out of the blue whereby the night lighting that surrounds the switches (those lines and markings that help you see in the dark, not sure what's the proper name for those) seem to be half broken. Randomly, they will fail to illuminate fully. The following screenshots help to illustrate my point:

    NORMAL/WORKING LIGHTS (this is the level of brightness that is expected)

    PROBLEM/DIMLY-LIT LIGHTS (exact same settings, brightness knob maxed, applies to all panels)

    NORMAL/OFF LIGHTS (this is what they look like when switched off)

    In addition, there is also incongruity between VC and 2D panels such as FMC.

    CENTER CONSOLE LIGHTING (supposed to be dark, and even so this is only half-lit, those buttons are supposed to be lit bright yellow too)

    2D PANEL LIGHTING (shows "lit" texture)

    I don't fly often these days due to work and have even lesser time to tinker with the sim (P3D 3.4).
    The below issue has arisen out of the blue and there has been no changes to the sim whatsoever in the past year or so. Reproduction is random, it occurs like 4 times out of 5 when I try to fly at night. Doesn't matter what time setting I load into, if the Queen is in a "dimly lit" mood today it stays that way.

    Can someone advise what is going on and how to fix it please?
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