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    I would like to find out if there is a way to turn the taxi lights and landing lights on and off separately.

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    I would like to find out if there is a way to turn the taxi lights and landing lights on and off separately.
    Sim? Default or addon model?

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    Assuming this what you want?

    With landing lights on
    Click image for larger version. 

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    With landing lights off but taxi light on
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Landing lights off taxi on.JPG 
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    You will need to supply your own light effect. I'm using a Shockwave landing light effect.

    //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing
    light.0 = 3, -64.70, -37.00, -0.50, fx_navredm ,
    light.1 = 3, -64.70, 37.00, -0.50, fx_navgrem ,
    light.2 = 3, -104.63, 0.00, 14.30, fx_navwhi ,
    light.3 = 1, -29.00, 0.00, -2.30, fx_beaconb ,
    light.4 = 2, -104.63, 0.00, 15.00, fx_strobe ,
    light.5 = 1, -32.50, 0.00, 7.00, fx_beaconh ,
    light.6 = 4, -10.00, 0.00, 3.90, fx_vclighth,
    light.7 = 2, -64.50, -36.50, -0.50, fx_strobe ,
    light.8 = 2, -64.50, 36.50, -0.50, fx_strobe ,
    light.9 = 6, -3.93, 0.000, -2.00,fx_shockwave_landing_light_747_nose.fx,
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    Bombardier_CRJ_700 is the folder name in FSX, so I assume you mean FSX.

    That aircaft has three lights that give a light-splash on the ground. (2 landing, 1 taxi light.)
    Those lights are not defined in the aircraft.cfg file.
    They are lights that are part of the model. And that is something you can not change.
    These three lights will always come on at the same time. (as landing lights.)
    Nothing can be changed about that.

    You can add a light effect like MrZippy shows there, but that effect will not give a light splash on the ground.
    That means you can see that lonely taxi light in outside view only. But from inside the cockpit, you will notice no difference between having the taxi light on or off. (And it will be of no help at all when trying to taxi anywhere. It won't help you see better.)

    The shockwave lights mrzippy uses are payware effects. Cost about $ 35 or so I think.

    There are also taxi light effect files incliuded in fsx, but they don't look nearly as nice. Not a volumetric cone of light like the shockwave lights, the taxi lights included in fsx look like a tiny white dot. No more then that.


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    Thank you to all who replied and helped me out.

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