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Thread: FS2002- Downloading Panels/Gauges question.....

  1. Question FS2002- Downloading Panels/Gauges question.....

    Hello my FSim friends

    I'm still using FS2002 because I'm used to it and enjoy it. Anyway, I downloaded panels from the FS2002 files section and ones that have the gauges included seem to not work. I read instructions and they mostly said the same, to make sure the gauge/panel files are in their folders including the panel config.

    Is this an error on the designer's part? Or am I installing incorrectly? I also made sure it was for the regular FS2002 and not the Pro version. Out of the 30 or so that I downloaded only about 5 worked.


    Georgette (aka jetdogy aka Jett-Starr)
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