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Thread: 4X-ATA Making Era 1970s LLBG Runway 30 Contact

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    Default 4X-ATA Making Era 1970s LLBG Runway 30 Contact

    Shalom and greetings all my pals,

    With use of era 1970 Kodak photographs presenting era 1970 EL AL flight service from LGAT Ellinikon International Airport located 4.3 miles south of Athens, Greece to LLBG Ben Gurion Airport located 12 miles to the southeast of Tel Aviv, Israel

    Holding short of runway awaiting for take off clearance

    Moments before touchdown with background view of terminal one

    Getting closer to ground of runway with background view of famous EL AL maintenance hangar

    One second before touchdown with background view of fire house


    Front landing gear gliding down slowly in most graceful manner

    Front wheels making runway contact

    Exiting from runway into taxiway Z on way to gate

    Taxing toward M

    Entering into K5 on way to gate

    Thank you for viewing! Please stay tuned for next exciting flight.



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    Awesome work again! Thanks for posting

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    Superb low-angle shots. Adds to the realism.

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    Few pics but finely historically crafted!
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    Very nicely done Aharon.

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    David, Clutch Cargo, Fllightsimg, and NMWL,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Clutch Cargo, I recognize and remember you!!! I hope your software company is doing well!!! If nobody is making, why not make KBUR Bob Hope Burbank airport scenery for FSX? I flew into that airport many times in real life as passenger and want to have it on my FSX!



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    Great looking set of 707 shots! I like EL AL's old livery.
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    I have worked on ELAL 707 at EGCC Manchester, I remember they had strict security because of terrorism as well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You're an artist Aharon, your shots are amazing and I love the retro crinkle cut frames, amazing effect to suggest age of this early model with the peculiar flower shaped exhaust nozzles, the amount of smoke and the musical shrill of pure turbojet engines. The 707 is surely a beauty, I knew some of the pilots that flew it and they fondly call it "the school" because of how dramatically it enhances their airmanship and knowledge of handling big sophisticated system-based jets.
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    Pugilist2 and Kalizzi,

    Thanks for very kind words.


    Thanks for viewing my screenshots and thanks for taking care of EL AL 707s in real life. I am very impressed!! Thanks for your photo.



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