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Thread: Power shortage on DC-8

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    Default Power shortage on DC-8

    Hey Guy's.
    I have a bit of a power shortage on one of my dc-8's, the aircraft doesn't accelerate down the runway fast enough for takeoff. All my other dc-8 aircraft rotate off the ground at or about 160kts however, my Aeromexico aircraft won't rotate until about 180kts.
    By the time the aircraft hits 180 kts, it's at the end of the runway and rolling in the grass. Can't even get off the ground in time at LAX 10,000 plus runway, what if anything can i do about this?

    Is their some CFG file i can edit in order, to get the power i need in this aircraft?
    Maybe i can copy and paste something from one of my other aircraft, i did that to add an auto throttle to my dc-8's.

    Oh yeah even after full power throttle up with brakes on, i wait for a bit before releasing the brakes. The aircraft still won't accelerate fast enough for takeoff.

    Need some expert help.
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    Got a link to the download or (.zip filename), is it Payware or freeware, from FlightSim Library or somewhere else. If it is for the Aeromexico DC8 in the same aircraft package all other DC8 liveries use the same Aircraft.cfg and .air file, there should be no performance difference between liveries (Paints).

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    Try to reduce fuel to 50% in all tanks. If that helps go from there.

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    Dc8 planes should rotate at around 140kt.
    Look in the weight and balance menu and make sure the airplane is not overweight. (no red numbers).
    Also make sure to add enough elevator trim before takeoff. (and don't engage autopilot or altitude hold before takeoff as that will change the trim setting to a different position.)

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    Ok here is a snapshot of the weight and balance menu.


    All of my DC-8's in the HJG series are over weight before takeoff. I change the payload to 0 and, aircraft is still overweight so, i have to change the fuel weight as well.

    What can i change in above menu to get aircraft to rotate at 140kts?
    Here are my takeoff settings.
    Full power.
    Flaps @ 14.
    Not sure how to trim default freeware aircraft.
    Nose up @ 160kts
    Vertical speed 1400.
    I usually hand fly aircraft up to 10,000 before engaging AP and altitude hold.
    Aircraft fly's out nicely after that, with AP altitude and auto-throttle hold on.

    Checking W&B makes sense but i don't know what to change in those number's and, can't trim the aircraft once in the air.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Ok i will try changing to 50% in all tanks, i usually change to 80% in all tanks.
    I also change the payload to 0 as well, being that the aircraft is still over weight, when i change the fuel weight to 80%...I'll try 50% and see what happens.


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    Yes here is the link.
    The aircraft is freeware Aeromexico Dc-8-63F

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    Yes here is the link.
    Freeware DC-8 63F

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    flightquarters - Here is a panel on a B737-800, don't know what the panel for a DC-8 looks like, but should resemble this somewhat. First pic, I have circled the ECU icon, which you will click to get the power quadrant, which is where you will find the trim wheel.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2019-10-17_1-11-50-260.jpg 
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    Okay on the trim wheel, just hold down on left mouse button, and roll the wheel up/down and you will see the indicator move with it! Experiment with various settings within the green area. Trim should help a lot with an aircraft that size!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2019-10-17_1-12-50-378.jpg 
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    Good luck, hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flightquarters View Post
    All of my DC-8's in the HJG series are over weight before takeoff. I change the payload to 0 and, aircraft is still overweight so, i have to change the fuel weight as well.
    What can i change in above menu to get aircraft to rotate at 140kts?
    High time you learn something about fuel and payload planning.
    Not only your weight should be below MTOW when starting the flight (unless you plan a really long taxi), but you also need to consider that, at the end of the flight, you also need to be below Maximum Landing Weight (which is considerably lower).

    Don't change anything in the config files. If it's HJG, they're most likely correct.

    If going into the fuel and payload menu before every flight is already too cumbersome, you might consider flying GA aircraft. Or consider another hobby.


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