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Thread: L-1011 Stargazer

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    There´s a bit more to it than that

    HJG´s "later" livery version/s features the slightly resized font due do the additional titling .... and there´s other subtle variances too.

    It´s represents more accurate depiction than just a changing of the font colour .... this being the way HJG prefers doing things

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    Thanks aerofoto for the heads up , looking forward to the skin . HJG guy's do an AMAZING job on all aircraft and paint's.
    "Pilots do it with Thrust"

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    HJG guy's do an AMAZING job on all aircraft and paint's.
    Thanks "SWOOP"

    It´s not easy .... but then again .... anything worth doing, if done poperly (as properly as motivtion, skills on-and, information available, and certain FS limits all conspire to permit at least) .... ever is easy.

    HJG does things "somewhat differently" than other groups .... and in doing so really caters for "a different type of FS enthusiast".

    It´s run differently too .... and in accordance with a fairly enforced internal and public code of discipline.

    Some like what HJG does .... and the way it does it .... and some don´t.

    One can´t please everyone of course .... so at the end of the day HJG just pleases itself (first and foremost) that whatever it does/offers is good enough "for those whom it endeavours to "TRY´N" satisfy".

    HJG´s been doing this for 19.5 years now and I´ve been involved with it amost from the very beginnng .... representing and aiding its transition from FS2000, to FS2002, to FS2004, and to FSX (portability in most cases but not nativity in regard to the latter FS version) .... and I s´pose, with a new M$FS version on the horizon next year, the question (not for HJG only because everyone/everything will like be influenced by what may be about to arrive) should be .... How long can it keep on doing what it does ?

    I s´pose the logical answer to that is .... "So long as it wants to" .... or rather .... "So long as it feels it can justify doing what it does, the way it does, and has been doing it for the past almost 20 years",

    Before anything/whatever else may be about to happen though there´s still quite a bit HJG wants to "TRY´N" make happen, and share with whomever else may be interested, so, we´ll just see what happens

    Thanks once again

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