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Thread: My Estimate on HD space for CA, NV, & AZ for MSFS 2020

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    Ah... gotcha

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    They said there are no objects like in FSX. This is height mapping and photorealistic, well that's what I understand. It's a bit too technical for my brain (at my age)

    Maybe it's the photo's that will take up the space on HDD/SSD.
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    I believe MS claims they mapped 9 petabytes which if I'm correct is 9000 1 TB HDs and your own substation set up by the electric company to run them and the HVACs to keep your house from melting. Actually I had been wondering what it would take to cashe NW Washington and the Inside Passage up through BC into Alaska. It's all very complex landscape. I have a 1.5 TB per month cap. I know what my computer roughly pulls though the wall by using an Internet Speedometer Program so I could fly some square mile samples and apply that to the total area.
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    My experience is, that if you're offline, you never get bing or photogrammitry graphics, no matter how much you've cached.

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