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Thread: Newbie building a PC for FLight Sim

  1. Default Newbie building a PC for FLight Sim

    Hi Guys,

    Complete newbie here, but used to love aero modelling and flying 3 decades ago. Now want to try Flight Sim.

    Looking at the Ryzen 5 3600X and the Nvidia RTX 2060 Super, with 1 TB of SSD.

    Intel equivalent seems much more expensive. Any suggestions? Both for the CPU as well as the GPU? Is it worth the extra for a 2070 Super?

    From what I have read, Flight Sim software speeds depend more on processor than GPUs? Is that true?

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    That rig will work just fine. Before I upgraded I was using an AMD FX-8350, GTX-970 and 16 gigs of ram and it ran X-Plane just fine. My new rig is a Ryzen 7 2700x with a GTX-1070Ti and 32 gigs of ram and with that I can max the sim and have great FPS. You should be fine.

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