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Thread: Tank empty or engine failures HELP,!

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    Cool Tank empty or engine failures HELP,!

    Hi, I cannot figure out how to fly with failed engines. For the task tank emptying, I try to add more gas but it doesn’t always work and my engines shut off, then I tried just one and still stalled and crashed. Maybe not doing something right. And if I get all engines fail, I’m dead! It just stalls and crashes. Any help because I can’t figure out how to complete a test or task. Thank you!!

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    You can watch youtube videos about this. But if you fail on the first try, when you have the first engine failure or tank issue, I usually just shut off the dead engine to prevent more fuel loss. Keep the speed up on the remaining engine...ease the flaps down one notch at a time when closer to the runway. Gear down as late as you can before landing.

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    Thank you!,. I did shut the engine off and was a able to speed up and I kept the same altitude to gain speed before I ascended and it helped, but only after 6 tries. Lol.

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