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    Default Thanks To All

    A discussion over at the *other* site made me wonder how many downloads my stuff has had. Took me a while to total it up, but I've had 312,863 downloads from! In addition to what I used to get from my old, now closed site.

    Although the stuff I do now hardly gets any hits at all, 30000+ is still a good total. Thanks to everyone!

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    I've uploaded a few parking updated airports. I don't possess the required skills to add objects yet.
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    From RLG, Fly heading 053, intercept 315 DVV, look for the orange glow of a SAM.
    !M [email protected] B5A9 =G s5FCB *CFA9GHF5B8 5B8 { <5J9 [email protected] <9F9 HC H<9 @=6F5FM

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    Good stuff, Andy.
    I still have fun with your old stuff. FSA2004 still rocks, & it's sad to see the demise of the stalwarts of the sim.

    We miss you guys.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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