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Thread: 737 components for sale (DE/Europe)

  1. Default 737 components for sale (DE/Europe)

    Hi everyone,

    I have finally given up my plans to build a 737 sim pit in my basement as it was flooded due to heavy rain shortly after ordering the first batch of parts. While I made use at least of the Plug&Play parts, most other parts stayed packed while the building plans where postponed. But as our basement got flooded another two times, I have finally discarded the plan, as spending hundreds of hours and tons of money into something that could be gone the next day doesn't make any sense.

    Details of the components can be found on the manufacturers home pages.

    - 737 v2 G-Throttle (with backlight) 300€ (new 650$)

    - 737 MCP (P&P, with box, v3, amber) 280€ (new 420€)
    - 737 EFIS (P&P, with box) 90€ (new 140€)
    - 737 Gear Lever + Panel 80€ (new 160€)
    - 737 Steering Tiller 90€ (new 180€)

    - 737 Radio set (COM,NAV,ADF) + Transponder (assembled*) (new 250€)
    - 737 Radio set (COM,NAV,ADF) (assembled*) (new 165€)
    - 737 Pedestal Panels (without the panels of the radio sets/transponder) (new 155€)
    - 737 Fwd Overhead Panel (including components) (new 520€)
    - 737 Aft Overhead Panel (new 190€)
    All together for 640€ (new 1280€). The parts are mostly still packed. As it would be a great deal of work to unpack everything to split the panels between the components (FWD OHP, AFT OHP, PED) I'd rather sell these all together as they snuggly fit into the big box in which they were originally shipped.
    (* Assembled means that the panels, switches and displays are all mounted together and you just need to solder the wires to the pins to connect them to your I/O cards).

    All prices including shipping to Germany, but shipping within Europe is possible.

    Pictures can be found here:

    Get everything as the perfect 737 builder starter package for only 1200€!

    Best regards

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    Hello Florian

    I would be interested in the following only:
    737 Radio set (COM,NAV,ADF) + Transponder (assembled*) (new 250€)

    What would be your price including shipping to France (Paris)?

    you can send me PM if you want


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    I have a deal pending for the whole ProsimParts panels, but even if not I currently wouldn't want to split the panels, or at maximum OHP and the whole Pedestal.

    MCP, EFIS and Throttle are sold, deal pending on whole ProsimParts set and Tiller.

    Best regards

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    thanks for your reply. In that case I am ready to take whole prosimparts. Let me know the whole price including the shipping to France



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    Everything except for the Gear lever is sold.

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