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    I see that there is a PIEDMONT VIRTUAL AIRLINES starting up! How can we get anyone who is with this to contact? I have applied as pilot two times now NO RESPONSE! My hunch is they are still getting things set up. I was instrumental in maintaining which was set up by Kris Kendricks. I know quite much about Piedmont Airlines as it operated from 1947-1989 as my dad is a retired pilot for Piedmont starting out as F/O on the DC-3 and retiring as 727-200 Captain. I worked at NASA Langley for 14 years as a computer scientist. Want to help Piedmont get back in the air since USELESS AIR VIRTUAL AIRLINES and AMERICAN VIRTUAL AIRLINES could all CARE LESS about Piedmont!

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    I run a "Envoy Virtual" and we do Envoy and American Eagle (Mesa, Piedmont, SkyWest, etc) airlines if that is of any interest to you while you wait on responses from Piedmont Virtual., and upon acceptance a discord link will be sent to you too.

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