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Thread: Bringing back some old SAC bases.

  1. Cool Bringing back some old SAC bases.

    These AFCAD files add taxi ways and comms to the default scenery of Castle AFB (KMER) , K.I. Sawyer (KSAW) and Wurtsmith (KOSC) AFBs in Michigan, and Griffiss AFB (KRME) in New York to give those airports more of a 1980's feel. Offut AFB is also included in case you want to try a LOOKING GLASS long duration flight.

    These AFCADs are meant more for the pilot than for AI traffic and are great if you're into flying B-52s or KC-135s.
    Please read the README file prior to install, especially if you have traffic programs like Ultimate Traffic installed.

    The parking spot convention is fairly easy to understand. Bombers use MIL-COMBAT parking while tankers use MIL-CARGO spots and all the AFCADs feature a HEAVY GATE as a kind of a common post-flight recovery area.

    Questions and comments are welcome in this thread. Note that I did not include parking in Alert Areas. This kind of traffic falls outside of what FS can handle.
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