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Thread: Botched Uninstall ... Unable to Reinstall

  1. Default Botched Uninstall ... Unable to Reinstall

    My attempts to uninstall FSX on my computer failed. As a result, I'm unable to re-install FSX. I hope someone is able to help.

    Microsoft FSX is not in my uninstall list.
    Where FSX resided onmy harddrive is now empty of any FSX folders etc.

    When I insert my DVD to reinstall FSX, the installer comes up with either the option to repair or remove. (Which off course is impossible considering it was removed ... albeit with error)

    When I try to remove I get "Error number:0x80040702; Description: Failed to load DLL: GameuxinstallHelper; Setup will no terminate."
    With repair, I get a progress box "Copying new files", the DVD drive chatters away for a few seconds, then everything stops. No chattering, no progress. I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to exit setup.

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    First delete everything you have on whatever drive you have FSX on...then load the FSX on something like C FSX or definitely not the recommended drive....then it should work..mine does as I have it on a different drive like D...good v

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    Thanks for your reply Al v. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you suggesting I reformat the drive I had FSX on? It's a 4TB drive. I'd lose a lot of content doing that and really not a great option. I had FSX on drive E:, a second harddrive from my OS drive.

    I don't even get to a point in my reinstallation to define where to install it. It bails installation before I can tell it to install on E. Maybe I'm missing your message.

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    format is not needed. Uninstall payware addons if you can. Having those properly uninstalled will help when tying to reinstall them.
    You can then uninstall fsx.
    If you already deleted the fsx files uninstall from Windows Control Panel won't work. In that case you'll need to use kb928080 (now no longer available from Microsoft but available on as resetsldl.exe )

    kb928080 removes the registry entries of Fsx; so that the Fsx Install disk will no longer think "fsx is already installed on this pc so I won't install it again".
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    Or install a free program like CCleaner that can clean up the Registry. I could not live without CCleaner (CrapCleaner)!

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    Choose repair, wait for it to finish. start the installer again and choose uninstall.

    You should then be able to do a fresh install. Copy aircraft folders etc to another place and add them back after re-install.

    FSX does not like to be uninstalled via Control panel!

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    Sorry, but what was said there is incorrect.

    What Enko says there is not true.
    FSX can be uninstalled perfectly fine through Control Panel.
    One thing you need to remember when doing that.
    If you have FSX disk Edition you probably installed in two steps. First you installed FSX. And then you installed either SP1&SP2 or installed Acceleration.
    And in that situation you have to uninstall in two steps as well. Uninstall FSX Acceleration (or SP2) from control Panel.
    Reboot. And then again go to Control Panel, this time to uninstall FSX itself.

    It really is that simple. Uninstalling FSX properly like that you would not have any issues with reinstalling.

    Your other advise, to choose "repair" won't work either. For repair to work the FSX files need to still be there. If they have been deleted manually clicking "Repair" in the installer program will do nothing.

    I explained that now you uninstalled by deleting files your FSX registry entry is still there and how you need to use kb928080 to remove the registry entry for FSX.

    Johnost, your advise to use CCleaner to remove this registry entry is incorrect. CCleaner will do no such thing.

    He will have to use kb928080.

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    …..Johnost, your advise to use CCleaner to remove this registry entry is incorrect. CCleaner will do no such thing.

    He will have to use kb928080.
    This info is also incorrect.

    Tools like CCleaner checks the registry for invalid, corrupt and orphaned registry keys in all of the registry. It will therefore delete any orphaned FSX related keys left behind by the botched uninstall

    The KB is actually intended/designed to RESET a specific key to resolve a known issue - that relating to how many times FSX has been installed and/or failed attempts to install. It will only check for the associated key related to this.
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    Here is a link to a guide to uninstall & reinstall FSX which may help others.

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    CCleaner only removes registry entry's that are meet behind after uninstalling a program in the proper way.

    If you simply delete the Fsx files then Fsx is not uninstalled in the proper way, Windows will tell CCleaner Fsx is correctly installed, and CCleaner will therefore not touch the fsx registry entry's.

    All CCleaner does is clean registry entrys that are left behind after uninstalling properly. It only removes entry's that it knows are not needed. The ones it knows belong to unhurtalled programs. (uninstalled meaning properly removed using the programs Uninstaller or Control Panel.).
    Actually, the registry entry's that CCleaner does remove could all be left in place if you want. They won't hurt anything as they belong to programs that have been properly removed. So even if you don't use CCleaner you can reinstall those programs just fine.)

    Again, to remove the Fsx entry's that are left after simply deleting the fsx folders you will have to use kb928080.

    There is no kb that fixes a "too many installs" problem.
    To fix that problem you would have to contact Microsoft by phone.
    (You would also get "too many installs" if your fsx is installed on a second pc as well. In that case you would have to uninstall from the old pc before trying to install on the new one.

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