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Thread: FSX AI custom flight plans parking issue

  1. Default FSX AI custom flight plans parking issue

    I created some custom flight plans for a new repaint I added (Volaris) but it won’t use the gates at MDW even when there’s a Available at the area where the non southwest stays

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    Try using your AIFP program to edit parking for that aircraft.
    Mil Cargo
    Choose one and press ok.

    Also you should go into the Aircraft cfg and change this to below.


    I had this same problem with my Cargo Jets parking at the gate, however to be honest it worked for a time and, the next day my custom C-5 was back at the gate.
    Sometimes as you add custom aircraft to the airport, it moves other aircraft to other places on the field. Don't know why that happens but, not much can be done unless, you add more cargo spots to the airport.

    Try this it might slove your parking problem.

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    I have that happening too, bugs me a lot, hate seeing a freighter or mil parked at a gate and cargo spots left empty.


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    Correct link to Airport Design Editor:


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