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Thread: Pause at top of descent tool - is there a free or payware available

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    Default Pause at top of descent tool - is there a free or payware available

    I am looking for a Freeware or Payware Pause at top of descent Addon tool for FSX. I currently use FSX Flight Tracker which I pay an annual Fee. Interested to see what else is out there. I dl'd Radar Contact but it would not work for me. Thanks for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by f16jockey_2 View Post
    Thanks Wim - I downloaded it. It seems very complicated. I tried it but does not seem to work. Do I have to fill in all the YELLOW boxes with information? Some of it, I don't have like the coordinates, air speed, ect. Thanks

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    Does anyone know how to use the XPause Program? What do you use to Pause your Sim when doing an over night or long flight?

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