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Thread: What's the deal with hardware monitoring software and fan rpm?

  1. Default What's the deal with hardware monitoring software and fan rpm?

    I have three motherboards trying on (Gigabyte X99 G1 Gaming, Gigabyte G1 Assassin2, and XFX nForce 790i Ultra)

    In the BIOS on all mobo's, I'm seeing all 5 fans detected and showing RPM readings just fine.

    Everything seems to detect/work OK on HWMonitor or SpeedFan EXCEPT in the fan department.

    HWMonitor only displays 3 fans and RPM instead of the 5 connected. SpeedFan shows 5 fans but two show 0 RPM.

    On the X99 G1 Gaming below, SpeedFan had a option to Enable fan 4 and 5 and this caused the motherboard to power off! So I removed it and installed Gigabyte APP Center & System Information Viewer and it works perfectly.

    Any assistance would be appreciated on the two remaining mobo's if you know of another monitoring software that works.
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    I have one called Speccy, it is part of ccleaner, I've had a while now but rarely ever look at it, not sure how I come to get it but it's the pro version and registered to me so I must have bought it sometime, seems to work OK.


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    I can tell you that over the years I've learned that software-based monitoring wasn't the best. It's pretty much hit and miss.

    You might be better off with the motherboard's software. For my Gigabyte Z270X Gaming K7, there is software called "Apps" that you can use. I just use the @BIOS App and nothing else.

    My two side case fans are controlled by a fan controller and on the fan controller you can see RPM and there are temp probes. I can't even remember the name of my fan controller, but it's made with analog knobs and not digital. I read that digital doesn't retain your settings after reboot so I got analog instead.
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