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Thread: Article: X-Plane 11.40 "Secret" Beta-1

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    Default Article: X-Plane 11.40 "Secret" Beta-1

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    The guy is totally ADHD14 Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    • Self-focused behavior. A common sign of ADHD is what looks like an inability to recognize other people's needs and desires. ...
    • Interrupting. ...
    • Trouble waiting their turn. ...
    • Emotional turmoil. ...
    • Fidgetiness. ...
    • Problems playing quietly. ...
    • Unfinished tasks. ...
    • Lack of focus.

    I totally lost focus in the first 5 minutes. A simple calmer listing of things over 10-15 minutes might have been useful.

    AND, instead of focusing on such minutia, perhaps he might focus on "SEASONS" and ATC, which are sadly lacking in XP11 and they do not seem to have any priority.

    While I love this sim, these two items need FIXING and enhancement before all this other flight model minutia in my view.


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    Austin is obviously enthused about some things, but I have to agree with Bryan. There are more pressing things needed for XP!

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    I agree with the previous comment, and add a little - need to animate the vegetation, as in P3D. Animation of vegetation will give VFR flights excellent realism. We understand that it will not work right away, we understand this is also a necessary update 1140B too (Thanks), and after this update we wait at improvement of the air traffic control, the seasons of the year, the animation of vegetation. Best wishes to LR

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    Just to be clear...I am a big fan of XP11+, and Austin is a very enthusiastic and passionate guy. My previous post was just poking fun but perhaps did not come across that way.

    Its his sim and he can go in any direction he would like. I love the sim and flight characteristics are a major reason this sim is so good and its Austin's specialty.

    I would like though to see some balance in the sim toward other aspects which are not up to par.

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