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Thread: Moving FSX

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    He gets the error as soon as he runs the file. That has to do with access permissions and ownership.
    Nothing to do with his fsx install location.
    It will indeed have everything to do with permissions since Windows locks down the programs folder whether it be the 64 bit or x86 programs folder. Your "access" will be severally limited to what you can and can't do in the protected and emulated environment of the programs folder.

    At any rate, he's posted that his Sim is now in the root of C drive. Next on the list of crap to check off: Winblows 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightflier23 View Post
    2) How do I take "ownership of the file" if that will allow me to keep -400 on the old PC.
    By far the best and easiest straight forward way that you can use to take ownership of a file or folder is by adding a certain registry value that will give you a right click context menu option to do so. The other method requires you to right click the file or folder you're wanting to take ownership of and select the correct permissions. I found it to be a major PITA even though it's a few windows in size and a few clicks deep. I just prefer the right click, take ownership and done.

    You can read all this and add all of the registry values yourself, or just simply scroll all the way to about the bottom of the page and download the registry file where all you have to do is double click it and install. Once installed, right click the file or folder you want to take ownership on and you should see the option to take ownership.

    Before you do this, and I can't stress this enough. It is always a good idea to either A) Backup your registry or B) create a system restore point prior to doing anything with the registry. This is just a simple precaution. The registry value its self is very simple and shouldn't affect your "personal computer" in any way. You can even use Notepad++ and right click the .reg file and read the values that will be added to the registry.

    As always, scan ALL downloads at Virus Total. Again, out of abundance of caution. You more than likely won't find anything, but it's always a good habit to scan all of your downloads. Even though you may have "world class" virus protection or whatever you have running there. Virus Total makes use of some 70 anti-virus engines and does in fact have signatures for government-based malware that was given to them by none other than the U.S Cyber Command themselves. Yes, it's totally true. Now based on the fact they use so many engines, you're bound to find a false positive here and there. So click the comments link and judge for yourself, and even then the comments may be bogus. I've downloaded perfectly fine non-malware laden files and the comments were utterly stupid.

    Anyway, I've posted more than I wanted. Just grab that registry file at the bottom of that long article, install and take ownership. Hopefully that solves your issue. I do have my doubts because IMO with some backed up facts, Win 10 can be a major PITA when it comes to the old FSX or FS2004. Even normal software or anything else and the forced updates that lack real QC has been problematic for many people. I know because I'm a member of many tech forums and have seen my fair share of update madness help threads.
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    [QUOTE] Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    To install you probably need to be logged in to your pc as administrator.

    Also. Are you sure you are running a file that you download from the web from the new pc? The access is denied error makes me think the file you are trying to install is copied from another computer. Because in that case it would still be owned by the account on the old pc, and not by the account on the new one. You would then need to "take ownership" of the file before you can run it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nightflier23 View Post
    1) Nope, I log-in to PMDG site and my orders come up automatically. I click on Order ID and Individual order shows up (-400) and it allows me to download the product. But as MR Zippy previously said, I might have to uninstall -400 on my old PC first.
    2) How do I take "ownership of the file" if that will allow me to keep -400 on the old PC.


    What I was telling you was about the new pc and the installer file on that.
    When you run that installer you need to be logged in to that new PC as Administrator.
    First log in to the new pc as administrator and try to install then. Even after logging in to the laptop as Administrator; right-click the install file and select "Run as administrator" as well.

    You also need to be the owner of the file.
    the error message "Access Denied" shows when you try to run the installer file shows your computers account is not the proper owner of that file.

    If that install file came from another computer it would be owned by that other computer's account.
    But if you downloaded it it from the web it should be owned by the new pc's account. So ownership should not be the issue.
    If you keep getting the "Access Denied" error even as Administrator then you can try taking ownership of the file.
    (Maybe downloading a fresh copy of the installer while logged in as Administrator would work too.)

    You should really ask for help in the proper forum.
    PMDG does their user assistance via
    and you seem to have various aircraft that won't install.
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    Thank you for your help guys, but I don't have time to mess with it any more. I'm done.


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