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Thread: Anyone tried to create a new folder on windows 10 desktop?

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    Default Anyone tried to create a new folder on windows 10 desktop?

    Seems a new update has disabled you from doing it, even Ctrl-Shift-N doesn't work.
    I went on line and one guy on YouTube shown how to make it work again but it was editing the registry and he went like lightening showing you so I need to look again and pause it.

    Again MS has broke something was wasn't broke, why do they keep doing this?


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    Well Col, the old saying "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" has passed. Nowadays the saying goes, "If it it isn't broke, break it". It will certainly keep the old gray matter working and present you with new opportunities to learn.
    Brigadier General Frank Savage
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    I found another clip on YT:

    This worked no problem, very easy, so back in business.


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    Hi Col,

    I don't know what might have happened to your Win10 "Right click Context menu" New Folder options along with other Context menu items and File Explorer New Folder button & Ctrl+Shift+N. I'm glad your problem is fixed, but perhaps not such a good idea to install a merged System Registry to fix the problem, unless you know exactly what it contains and what other areas of your registry it may alter. It wouldn't be the first time malware enabled registry hacks have been hidden inside Merged registry files. One wrong registry merge can destroy the registry making the system unbootable, particularly registry merges that deal with the Windows File Explorer, I feel you were lucky that it worked.

    I decided check the situation out on my Win10/64Pro Laptop 1809 build before updating to the most recent updates for 1903. The context menu New folder options and File Explorer New Folder button & Ctrl+Shift+N are working on 1809 so then went ahead to update just this evening with recent 1903 Win10 updates & all the new .NET 4.8 stuff. Rechecked for any further updates Win10 shows that I'm all up to date, then checked the Context New Folder, File Explorer New Folder button, Ctrl+Shift+N and other options again, all seems to be working OK, infact probably a little quicker responsiveness with 1903 where the Options were a little delayed under 1809. I might add, this Laptop came preinstalled with Win10s/64bit but soon after I upgraded it to Win10/64Pro for additional features not offered with the "Win10s" version, no non-Win10 version has been used with this Laptop it is essentially only used as my traveller and for Win10 related software queries that one must have to answer such questions. I don't use it very often, hence the very late May 1903 update, but so far everything seems to be working well.
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    Yes I agree with the merge business, I did it because i read the comments first and none said it wrecked their PC so I took a chance.

    My Win10 is an upgrade, I had a crash a while ago and re-installed my Win7 Ultimate, then I got popups saying it wasn't a genuine copy and to register, which I did but it failed because in honesty I had installed it on a few PC's lol.
    So then I upgraded to Win10 that I don't like to be honest but I couldn't afford another copy of Win7.


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