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Thread: Article: Austin Meyer Video On X-Plane 11.40 Flight Models

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    Default Article: Austin Meyer Video On X-Plane 11.40 Flight Models

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    Please make a better ATC system. One that works for VFR flying. I realize that this is a huge task, but it is the biggest complaint of this software and many, many have complained. I will not buy another version until it is fixed.

    Come on, listen to your customers!

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    Enjoyed the video, really interesting. What surprises me though is that Austin says if you compute for actual air particle movement (this was in one of the delayed wash scenarios) rather than use rough calculations, it would slow down the sim by several FPS. Wouldn't a more exhaustive use of multi-core support solve this, or is this work being done by the GPU?

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    Awesome Video. X-Plane 11 ROCKS! Cannot wait for version 11.40.

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