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Thread: Status of FSPILOTSHOP .com?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1086551 View Post
    Yah they seem to not care. When I log in I can see 5 orders, only 2 appear and the download links are broken. Here is a summary of my experience, note that my first purchase was June of 2019.

    Avoid FSPILOTSHOP like the plague.

    I purchased NY Airports v2 as well as NYC for X-Plane back in July. After some research it looked like the NY Airports V2 was not even the latest version on the forums. It’s understandable that there may be a little lag from the release to when the download is available. But this was purchased in July 2019. It is version 1.0, where the current version is 2.1 from 2018.

    I then discovered that their site was having issues, and so I reached out for support and have been patiently waiting for a response. I have sent multiple e-mails through their website, which I believe may not even work since there is no acknowledgement of it going through. So I reached out to the sales e-mail and still no response, over a month and waiting without as much as an acknowledgement.

    So this has been so far $42 down the drain.

    Summary of issues:
    -Purchased NY Airports v2 and NYC for X-Plane in July of 2019
    -Was not the latest of NY Airports V2 v2.1 2018. Was version 1.0.
    -FSPilot shop website was borked
    -FSpilotshop shows I have 5 purchases, and only 2 show. Additionally, their download link does not work.
    -Followed DD forum recommendations to contact fspilotshop. No acknowledgement of receipt.
    -Reached out to fspilotshop sales. No acknowledgement of receipt.
    -Been over a month and a waste of an airport and scenery I was looking forward to using.

    This is absolutely unacceptable.
    Warnings have been around this and other reputable sites for months with cautionary tales about the woes at FSPilotshop...

    e.g. topic from many years ago, revisited in August 2019

    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it". George Santayana:-

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    Getting really frustrated by this. Even though I was good about backing up stuff that I purchased I have a few select items that I don't have or I have the install file but not the key. Thinking they were berried in my email it turns out my email provider has randomly deleted some older emails. So I don't have a key in my email either. Normally in a perfect world if this happens I just log into the FSPilotshop website and fetch my serial key. Ironically i can still log in and get some stuff but license key information is absent making it essentially useless.

    For a few items I reached out to the developers with a plea and they provided a new key that worked. However some are non responsive. I estimate I may have lost $200 to $300 worth of stuff unless FSPilotshop magically comes back!

    I am really curious what happened? It seems all was well and then they went blank for about a week. Then the website came up as all new and under construction. About 80% or more of the merchandise is absent however. Site is/was under construction but has been in the same state it has always been since it went back up. If whatever they are doing why don't they just reinstate the old website? I am sure it was backed up and back ups of the back ups considering the size of the company (at least at one time).

    Here soon I may have to repurchase some stuff but its a difficult decision because money does not grow on trees for this hobby. Some of it I was happy with it but not happy enough to spend money purchasing it again. Luckily some stuff can be found for a lot cheaper but some stuff is crazy expensive.

    I think what is so frustrating is supposedly FSPilotshop is still in business and I can log in and see about a 1/4 of the files I purchased but no key. If they were totally gone and it least you know what happened. Looks to me like they were in the process of designing a new website and everything went down hill quick. Because of it sales dried up and perhaps nobody is actually running it at this point? Just some server somewhere running a long.

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    Now any time I purchase FS payware, I have a just a single word prosessor file called PAYWARE: I enter the company name, any user names and passwords, along with the product, keys, licenses, or purchase order #.

    This was after going nuts a few times searching thru old EMails trying to find all that info to do re-installs, or upgrades...

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    It looks very gone now.
    Mark Daniels

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    I made a lot of purchases thru Fspilotshop and the way I accessed them was by the banner at the top of this website. I am not saying that is responsible, but someone must know who these people are so we can get some satisfaction.
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    We used to link to FSPilotShop but cut ties with them quite some time ago when they stopped paying us as well as others. Under the new owners the store had been going downhill for quite some time. We have not had any contact with them in quite a while so don't have any more answers.

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    I used to go to them all the time for my purchases and would often order the optical media. For the stuff I didn't get the optical media I downloaded it and backed it up to two hard drives. Along with several backups of my CD keys on DVD/RW and Blu-ray RE. In fact, My whole Sim is compressed and backed up to a 50 GB Blu-ray RE disk. LOL
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    Really? Do you know what currently has happened to it and why and when and whether it will ever come back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clrichey View Post
    Really? Do you know what currently has happened to it and why and when and whether it will ever come back?
    Nobody does... If you find out more come back and let us know...

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    Well, do you think the authors might have just removed the site without telling anyone what they would do to the site, including why?
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