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Thread: Status of FSPILOTSHOP .com?

  1. Default Status of FSPILOTSHOP .com?

    Just tried to access my account at FSPILOTSHOP. COM and received "Error Page not found" . Are they still in business and if not any ideas on getting to my account info? Would appreciate ANY info available. Thx

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    I got the same message a minute ago.

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    Also with me this message while trying to call the page ...: angry:

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    Me as well :-(

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    I can't get a response or access to previous purchases. Yay.


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    A probable cause and a possible solution...….

    It appears that they are updating the look of the website and attempts to go to use the old site are failing...

    Tried to access the site, via my saved browser link and via my password manager tool, and couldn't get on.

    I then used google to search for FSPILOTSHOP and selected the top entry that google displayed. This took me to a revamped site which, although having a 'Site Under Construction' entry at the very top, has functioning menus that take you to the chosen areas.

    Clicked on the Login button (located at top right) and got a login page which contains two options - login (which was auto-filled by my password manger) and New Account. Clicked on the login button and was redirected to a page that that displays the statement 'It looks like you're returning from the old site. Reset your password here.' - this page has a field for your email address and a Submit button.

    Filled in the box and hit the submit button and got a email back with a reset link. This link takes you to a password reset page. Reset the password and then log out of the site. Log back in and you then get a 'Verify Email' statement - there is a short statement under the main statement with a link in it to receive a verification link email.

    When it is received click on the provided link and you will get a Verification statement. I was then able to use the site and view my previous orders using the link provided under the profile name located at top right of the home page


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    Default FSpilotshop

    Purchased aircraft from new site. Seems they got my money but didnt supply a key to use product. Getting in touch with them is impossible. Stay away from them if you dont want to be burned. This is as clear a warning as I can give you. Im done with them. Carenado could not even help because I purchased thier aircraft through PS.

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    Logon to your account and look at your order history. As well as a download link for the product there is usually a shortcut to a serial.txt file. This will contain the key. Also check carefully the purchase confirmation emails as the key is usually listed somewhere on the email...


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    I'd like to add to this topic and made an account to do so. I bought a product from fspilotshop a year ago, and recently had hard drive fail. I unfortunately do not have the license key for a product I am trying to reinstall that I purchased off fspilotshop. Unfortunately going to Order History all that is view-able is the order #. Downloading the file, and opening the zipped contents there is still no key. The product I am trying to re-activate is from carenado (CT182 g1000)

    I don't know what happened to FSpilotshot the past year but this is distressing.

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    Yah they seem to not care. When I log in I can see 5 orders, only 2 appear and the download links are broken. Here is a summary of my experience, note that my first purchase was June of 2019.

    Avoid FSPILOTSHOP like the plague.

    I purchased NY Airports v2 as well as NYC for X-Plane back in July. After some research it looked like the NY Airports V2 was not even the latest version on the forums. It’s understandable that there may be a little lag from the release to when the download is available. But this was purchased in July 2019. It is version 1.0, where the current version is 2.1 from 2018.

    I then discovered that their site was having issues, and so I reached out for support and have been patiently waiting for a response. I have sent multiple e-mails through their website, which I believe may not even work since there is no acknowledgement of it going through. So I reached out to the sales e-mail and still no response, over a month and waiting without as much as an acknowledgement.

    So this has been so far $42 down the drain.

    Summary of issues:
    -Purchased NY Airports v2 and NYC for X-Plane in July of 2019
    -Was not the latest of NY Airports V2 v2.1 2018. Was version 1.0.
    -FSPilot shop website was borked
    -FSpilotshop shows I have 5 purchases, and only 2 show. Additionally, their download link does not work.
    -Followed DD forum recommendations to contact fspilotshop. No acknowledgement of receipt.
    -Reached out to fspilotshop sales. No acknowledgement of receipt.
    -Been over a month and a waste of an airport and scenery I was looking forward to using.

    This is absolutely unacceptable.

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