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Thread: CH Pro Rudder Pedals and Windows 10

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    Good Afternoon, simmers: I just purchased XP 11 not long ago. I have a CH Pro yoke. However, I don't have rudder pedals. I'd like to purchase CH Pro Rudder Pedals, but I've heard that there are compatibility problems between the pedals and windows 10. Is this true? Strange, because when I hooked up the CH yoke to XP 11, the sim recognized the yoke immediately. I even calibrated the yoke, although I have yet to fly the sim. I just want to make sure before I spent my money Thanks, in advance...

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    No problem with Win 10 and the Pro USB.

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    lavochkin Guest


    All the information you need for Ch Products.


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    thank you, Iavochkin...

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    Thanks, flytv1

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