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Thread: My PC's DVD drive just chatters away trying to install FSX in Windows 10

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    Default My PC's DVD drive just chatters away trying to install FSX in Windows 10

    I know my set of FSX Gold disks are perfect, clean and OK for Windows10.

    They also install without any issue on other laptops I’ve tried, including half a dozen on the shelf at PC World etc! Also, a/v (Panda and Malwarebytes) was disengaged during all attempted installs.

    It's just my PC - Disk 1 goes in and then chatters away for at least 90+ minutes before reading enough to start installation. Same with Disk 2 and likewise the third, Acceleration disk.

    I've tried changing physical drive hardware, updated/reinstalled DVD drivers, also tried plug-in drives, plus increased the power supply from 600W to 750W.

    Sometimes, the change works at the first attempt … but then always reverts back to the same old problem.

    If I wait long enough (90+ mins) the chatter usually stops (Disk1, but not on inserting Disk 2 or the Acceleration disk). I can start an installation from here, but end up with the error code: 1-80004005 which I guess is an activation problem with the Acceleration install.

    I’ll have to see if I can resolve this (as described in thread Flight sim boots me off – 04/26/2019).

    Is it some conflict arising between drivers loaded somewhere in my PC and the write-protect of the install disks?

    If so, why doesn’t the same issue happen with other programs? Am I really the only one to have ever experienced this problem?

    It’s soooo very, very frustrating, not least getting brief glimpses of what I should be able to run.

    Any ideas what I can do to solve this would be really welcome please!!

    Bob C

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    Are you running the installer as Administrator?

    I haven't tried this myself, but I have seen the advice given to copy the DVDs to a hard drive, and then run the installer from the hard drive.


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    This can be caused by CD-Writer software. Read this thread:

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    You might find that when you browse to the install exe (as opposed to using 'Auto Run' to begin intall) that if you DO NOT do 'Right Click' and 'Run As Adminstrator' that the process will run 'full speed' with no clatter of disc, etc. And when you get it installed and have FSX icon on desktop that you also NOT DO 'Right Click' and 'Run As Adminstrator' will suffice. FSX lets Win 10 do what IT (Win 10) wants to do when you 'Run As Adminstrator' (ie: give Win 10 permission to run files thru what ever 'filter' it wants to use) thus messing up your attempt to install ANYTHING. Especially FSX. Win 10 hates FSX. My 2 cents.
    Chuck B
    Edit: BUT, if you are going to install to 'Program Files' then all bets are off as that alone is totally wrong.
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